Brooklyn Phenom

This last election season, a 29-year-old bartender named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-described “Socialist radical,” won the Democratic nomination and a congressional seat in Brooklyn, New York. The emergence of AOC in the halls of Congress is like grease to water. Floating to the top rendering a liquid mess. It can’t be scooped away, rather it must be drained and scrubbed.  Cortez’s appeal is too good to be true for liberals of little skill: a snarling Puerto Rican with a cow chip on her shoulder, daughter of immigrants. Even more to rightfully vilify President McKinley’s imperialism in 1898 attacking the befuddled Spanish. Had America stayed true to its non-interventionalist roots AOC would be waiting tables in San Juan.


AOC is another reason to despise Social Media, Like Trump she uses it adeptly for self- promotion. She is your four- year college sophomore who took some worthless Humanities classes and relishes wagging a bony finger and shouting “racist” at every spineless white man who comes her way. But speaking of college, she supposedly has a Bachelor’s in International Relations (whatever that is) and a minor in Economics from Boston College. One may ask how did she ever earn a degree from a New England Yankee bastion? It is clear by her interviews and statements she lies on the low end of IQ bell curve. The answer is she didn’t earn, rather it was given to her like any other non-White minority who could sign their name.  My own experience as an Economics graduate student speaks to this. There is nothing more wrathfully intolerant than a liberal Academic to those of us of differing Socio-economic thought: and they are equally doting and pandering to a liberal minority female. I have no doubt some of her BC professors had interests other than her little mind. I bet she was one of the few Arts and Science under-graduate student that had faculty parking privileges. So, eight years later after she is handed her Degree, she can only find employment slinging Gin and topping of beer. That should tell you something.  Her as a bartender I can’t help but conjure images of Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi”, where her patrons were too intimidated to tell her their martini weren’t too their liking.


AOC is every bit the liberal Gen-X hipster dad’s political dream girl.  While detractors and admires claim she is an attractive “woman of color” agitating for socialism, as she dances a French-Indie jig. They probably daydream of her nationalizing industries and forcefully moving multiple low-end families into the homes of old White Republicans.


AOC is a loudmouth who uses Twitter effectively. A non-reality platform where words are disconnected from action and physical consequences. Twitter encourages a arms race of words for radicals and idiots. There’s not much at stake when one can ramp up their rhetoric all they want, at almost no cost, unless you make jokes about homosexuals.  Of course, her followers have no clue what living under a socialist or fascist regime would really be like for them. She speaks to the low information newly radicalized lower middle class who until recently thought Karl Marx was a brother to Groucho and Harpo.  Quite frankly I think Cortez is stupid, cunning and evil. A narcissistic, unashamed self-promoter who flogs an ideology that was the 20th Century greatest failure. I also don’t find her attractive, really, she reminds me of rodent with porcelain veneers.


Republicans are dumbfounded over how to take on the social-media porn star. The Stupid party will probably try to match her with their own pathetic version. The answer is to ignore and wait her out. Like Sheila Jackson Lee she will eventually alienate herself from her own party with boorish behavior and besting one stupid comment after another. But don’t attack Ocasio-Cortez. In a two-party democracy you’re only one market crash or unpopular president away from the average person believing that the alternative is the better option. It’s foolish to believe a far-left candidate can’t win. Barak Obama anyone.


My guess is she will go down with the rest of 21st Century trends.


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