I Remember When..

I Remember When—-

*An eight foot tall Christmas tree cost less than $10.

*My public grade school had a Christmas pageant every year with class choirs singing Christmas Carols.

*No one complained about Christmas in the Public and were quickly mocked and shamed if they did.

*There were only three Television network channels.

*National evening news anchors were considered a trustworthy source of news.

*The most popular kid in the neighborhood was from the first family to own a color TV.

*The Marines were only looking for a few good men, and men only.

*Every boy aspired to be like Audie Murphy.

*Women in combat was considered ludicrous.

*There were public restrooms marked Men, Women and no one dared try to cross the threshold of the opposite sex.

*Sexual deviants kept to themselves.

*Fist fights among boys before, during and after school were a normal path to manhood and settled bullying.

*One felt like they won the lottery when they found a dollar on the ground.

*All instructions and signs were in English and only English was spoken in the public forum.

*I was in college before I encountered a Muslim and they were so few there were no Mosques.

*Diversity meant just what the Webster dictionary defined and not White people as the numerical minority.

*Most pick-up trucks had a gun rack with at least one rifle.

*People, especially kids rode in the back bed of trucks and preferred it weather permitting.

*Babies and small children sat on their Mothers laps when riding in the car.

*Cigarette Smoking was common everywhere.

*Men smoked pipes and people liked the aroma.

*Illegal Mexicans were referred to as wet backs.

*When parents wanted their kids to come home they called around to homes of their friends.

*Kids were given paper report cards to take home and to be signed by both parents.

*Birth certificates distinguished between Legitimate and Illegitimate.

*Doctors made house calls and carried their tools in a black leather bag.

*The men of the Confederacy and their symbols were respected and admired.

*Sodas cost $.10 cents and were dispensed in a bottle that could be returned for $.03 cents.

*Gas station attendant was considered a good job.

*Grocery stores and gas stations gave trading stamps with each purchase.

*Grilling burgers was considered a treat.

*No one openly bragged they were vegan or vegetarian.

*The death row inmates came to their end in either the electric chair or gas chamber.

*The Soviets were a real threat.

*China was referred to as Red China and was so backwards the people all wore green baggy Khaki’s and traveled around on crappy little bicycles.

*Most people were nearly adults before their first airplane trip.

*Traveling by air was enjoyable.

*Every 18 year old boy was required to register with the Selective Service and knew it was a strong possibility they could be drafted.

*Most boys by the age of 8 had at least fired a rifle or shotgun.

*Teenage boys went on camping trips without adult supervision.

*Only good figured leggy women wore short terry cloth shorts.

*The only body parts pierced were women’s ears.

* Few women had tattoos and usually they were strippers, biker girls, or both and were considered low class.

*It was assumed 18 years would move out of their parent’s homes, particularly young men.

*Local police were part of the community they served and did not resemble a South American para-military combat unit.

*Family eating out was rare and even greater treat than grilling.

*Parents routinely spanked their children.

*Teen age pregnancy was considered scandalous, High Schools and Junior High Schools did not provide day care.

*The term and practice Political Correctness did not exist.

*Credit Card Companies were highly selective and stringent with their card issuance.

*Kids rode bikes or walked to school.


*kids came home from school while their parents worked and used a house key usually kept in the mail box or under the milk box.

*The Super Bowl was played in January at One 0’clock in the afternoon and was a Championship football game and not a pop culture entertainment event.

*The term Native American referred to a person born in America.

*The United States enforced its immigration laws.

*Female single head of households were either divorcees or widows.

*Hardly anyone was proud to be food stamp recipients.

*Construction and service jobs were held by English speaking Americans.

*X-Rock 80 and KOMA were the best multistate AM radio rock music stations.

*The fifty states all had a different legal drinking ages.

*The family dog followed you wherever you went in your neighborhood.

*We played touch football and baseball in the street.

*We had pick up tackle football games anywhere there was grass.

*We understood war actually meant killing and wounding.

*Most knew or knew someone that had family member who was killed in Vietnam.

*We had food fights in the college dining hall.

*College pranks were treated as pranks and were not punished as if they were capital crimes.

*There were beer keggers out in the sticks.

*Our family vacations usually entailed trips to visit cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents.

*Six Flags over Texas was locally owned.

*College spring break was just a week with no classes because students couldn’t afford to go anywhere.

*Soccer was only played among the foreign exchange students.

*My grade school classes consisted of Whites, Mexican Americans and American Indians who all spoke English and shared a common American culture.

*Parents did not call the police to mitigate children’s disputes and those who did were scorned.

*There were no police on public school campuses.

*We hunted before and after school and kept our guns in our cars parked in the school lot.

*The now extinct Southern Dixie-crats kept the Democrat Party grounded to the White working class.

*People had to have established and good credit to qualify for a mortgage loan.

*People were defined for their entire lives by their natural born gender.

*Transgender did not exist.

*Cross Dressers, Transvestites and non- heterosexual behavior was rightfully treated as deviant and psychotic.

*White Americans did not embrace cultural suicide and extinction.

*U.S. soldiers could throw a hand grenade.

*Heroes were people who committed an act of bravery.

*Veterans served in combat.

*Flight attendants were called Stewardess and were young, pretty women.

*Everyone wanted a vehicle with a V-8 engine.

*People drove with manners and rules.

*Robert E. Lee was revered as a great American.

*Race amalgamation was frowned upon.

*Tweeter did not exist. People had to actually speak to someone in person or put it in writing and had to be ready to defend themselves.

*Democrats had positive points to offer and generally loved America.

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