The State of Dis-Union

WHOA STOP AND CATCH FIRE.  I have no idea what that means. It only has meaning regarding cyber tech for bonehead Millennial’s.  But in my lingo STOP THE PRESSES.  The Mueller Files have been submitted and have come and gone. After twenty-two months, $20 million plus, hundreds of subpoenas, and search warrants, one hundred and ninety-three charges, thirty-four indictments and numerous lives ruined. Heir Mueller and his Stasis have been unable to create a link between President Donald Trump and the Wiley Russian Coyote.   None another than the New York Times after two years thousands of gallons of ink and cyber strokes on Trump’s Russian collusion which was supposed to be confirmed by Ferris Mueller has moved on and broken a story, more Germans trust Vladimir Putin’s Russia than Trump’s United States.  What a shocker.  Taken with a grain of salt given this is the newspaper that consistently denied more than forty million people were killed under the 74-year lifespan of the Soviet yoke.

Europe used to be a pleasant place to visit as well to live.  I myself have not lived in Europe but have traveled in business and pleasure through Great Britain, Holland, France and Spain. They have very old churches and monuments that they haven’t torn down, yet. They speak a litany of languages and used to have their own currencies. The British had the Pound Sterling, the Germans had Marks, French had Francs, the Spanish had Pesetas, and so on.  The Dutch have Dykes, not the kind that play Women’s tennis, and wooden clogs, the Venetians have streets full of sewer water, the Hungarians still eat goulash and the French drink wine like Americans with coffee.  The Greeks love their ancient history because 2,500 years ago Alexander was one of theirs and they were number one. Italians love ancient history as well because 2,000 years ago they were number one. Although they avoid 20th century history given the shortest history book of the era was “Italian War Heroes”. The French adore their history except for 1940 to 1944, for a brief time they were the big kahuna and the United States would have never gained independence without their direct intervention.  Then the British came after them, and one of history’s missed opportunities was their lack of resolve to give Lincoln a thrashing in 1861. The fascinating Serbian knights fought bravely for Christianity against the malignant Mohammedan’s. Then the battle of Lepanto secured the continent for Christianity, until now. The Hungarians in 1956 rose up to fight against the Soviet oppression only to be hung out to dry by the West.  NATO, NATO, NATO anyone?

In the 1950’s, a Frenchman and a Belgian came up with an economic scheme to stop the Germans from getting drunk and overrunning the French every 20 years or so and called it the European Economic Community. Then came the narrow chested power-hungry bureaucrats who ran the scheme and it morphed into the European Union (EU). With the United States exclusively shouldering the cost to keep the Russkie Bear at bay the Europeans got stinking rich.  The richer they became the U.S. spent itself into oblivion and more countries joined the EU. As all unions including the American one, they became dysfunctional and despotic. The Germans and French operated the European apparatchik out of Brussels, the capital of a made-up county half Dutch and half French.  Now I have never been to Belgium nor met anyone from there.  I would not recognize Flemish from shine-olla if I heard it. I know from history the Germans used it as a conduit to humiliate the French, twice. When I hear the term Belgium, I immediately conjure up Austin Powers squirrely nemesis, Dr Evil. Character Gers exist for the very reason they are accurate, and I believe Michael Myers created the Dr. Evil character from actual Belgians. But there really isn’t anything funny about the Evils and Frau Bittas who comprise the insidious EU dictatorship. They constantly evoke democracy but in practice they are about as democratic as Stalin’s former vassal states. But I digress.

The point is the Europeans are very angry with President Trump because he is threatening to stop protecting them unless they pay part, and only part of the cost.  He is also calling them out on one sided trade practices benefiting Europe that the past four American Presidents gleefully presided over. They call Trump some very nasty names and his media coverage is nearly all negative just as in America. Never mind the Yankees, comprised mostly of young Southern men who were descendants of the men who wore the Gray and Butternut Brown in the 1860’s came over twice and settled their avoidable conflicts.  I wish they hadn’t for Lenin, Stalin and Hitler would have lived and died as obscure faceless miscreants.

However, America like Europe is in the toilet. What with a black homo actor faking a mugging by Trump loving white racists in a putz Chicago neighborhood?  Although charged for filing false police report he mysteriously moon walks away from any prosecution. That’s what you get when the Black animals take over the Illinois farm. One of the ironies is he now says he is going to dedicate his meaningless life to equal justice for all.  Some justice. The country is in trouble when Americans advocate for an American born Moslem woman who willfully travels to Syria, joins ISIS, gets married to three different Mohammedans savages, then wants to return and live off the dole and watch TV in the former great state of Alabama. Worse our own government in collusion with money grubbing Christian Churches import tens of thousands of Moslems from shit hole countries into Midwest states to counter the majority White population. They are concentrated in great enough numbers to elect Hijab wearing, American hating, snarling radicals to Congress, and a Muslim rapist as a state Attorney General. Then there is the rodent like, but not near as intelligent, Congress female referred to as AOC, who wants to do away with fossil fuels in 12 years and is taken seriously. Hello 10th century.  By her own braggadocio just one year ago she was a waitress at a New York taco stand. The real problem is the low brow mob that voted for her. The very worst is the American willingness for the Central American horde invaders crashing our Southern border.  Europe and the U.S. seem to be in race to achieve National and Cultural suicide.

Geesh! If that isn’t enough trouble, we’re told the Germans prefer Uncle Vlad to Uncle Don. But the Donald doesn’t care and is no fool except when it comes to picking Attorney Generals and other cabinet positions. Then they no longer need us to hold up the obsolete NATO.  Quite frankly I like Vlad and the Russians.  Don’t you know they have been slap laughing at us for the last two years. They didn’t have to do anything to detract American resources.   The Germans are also opposed to our exit from Syria. Really, this coming from the schnitzel eaters who let every Arab military age man who wore a rag on their head into Europe. The place now resembles Damascus more than Damascus.  Its all bad. I have nothing good to tell you, nor say about the country. I fear for my Daughter.

Banned by Neo-cons and Amazon

Over the last decade, Amazon has gained a near-total monopoly over Internet book sales, and late last month, we saw the dangerous consequences of such intellectual control as the company suddenly banned dozens of books, many of them of excellent scholarly quality. Apparently, activist organizations such as the ADL and the SPLC had succeeded in pressuring the company to ban those works to avoid any risk that American readers might become “confused” on certain controversial historical matters.

In an extremely ironic twist, several outstanding works of black historiography were banned at the height of Black History Month, presumably because they provided a far more complex and nuanced view of the historical relations between blacks and Jews than the ADL and those in its orbit have long promoted. In particular, one of the volumes published by Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, which I had only discovered and read last year, seemed to conclusively demonstrate that the circumstances of the ADL’s own establishment a century ago were almost exactly contrary to what I had long believed based upon my standard history books.

Clearly, the ADL was loath to have others discover these same facts, and must be pleased that Amazon has now banned the work in question. I covered this and the various other Amazon book banning in a lengthy article a couple of weeks ago.

Although various people have discussed plans aimed at pressuring Amazon to retract its policy and I have even provided them some suggestions in that regard, it is not at all clear whether a company with a market value of nearly $900 billion will be swayed by a few intellectual malcontents. Indeed, the far greater likelihood is that large numbers of additional books will eventually be “disappeared.”

This small webzine was founded with a mission of providing “interesting, important, and controversial perspectives largely excluded from the American mainstream media.” Therefore, it seems natural to extend this policy to cover books, and I have now added a new Bookstore Section, allowing interested readers to browse and order those texts that Amazon has banned, in most cases directly from the websites of the particular publisher. As a start, I have stocked it with the hundred-odd books banned by Amazon but still available elsewhere on the Internet.

A half-century ago in a totally different America, publishers sometimes trumpeted the fact that their books had been “Banned in Boston,” which vastly increased their sales in many other parts of the country. Since past sales of the banned books had hardly been great, it seems not impossible that the notoriety associated with their removal might actually boost their visibility and purchase sufficiently to render the policy counter-productive.

After all, Amazon eagerly sells many millions of books these days, including Mein KampfThe Communist Manifesto, and how-to manuals for producing homemade explosives to be used in domestic terrorist attacks. Yet the hundred-odd books now provided in my new system are apparently believed to contain ideas so horrifically dangerous that Amazon has chosen to violate its longstanding policy of intellectual freedom and ban them. Perhaps you should consider purchasing a couple of them and deciding for yourself.

I’m only familiar with a small fraction of the banned books, but can highly recommend the following half dozen:

The works provided in this Bookstore section may be filtered based on Topic, Author, or Period, and the first of these criteria may provide some intriguing clues as to why they were selected for elimination from among Amazon’s endless millions, along with suggestions of the source of the pressure. George Orwell famously observed that those who control the past control the future, and those who control the present control the past. Therefore, we should hardly be surprised that the overwhelming majority of the banned books fall into the category of scholarly texts dealing with important historical events.

More than two-thirds of the books focus on the subject of “Jews” and over half deal with the Holocaust in particular. Indeed, it appears that the Amazon ban now now encompasses virtually all Holocaust books that substantially deviate from the orthodox framework promoted by the ADL and its allies, which is currently enforced by the threat of fines and prison sentences throughout most of Europe. These include several of the texts I had relied upon for my long 2018 article American Pravda: Holocaust Denial, but which I had fortunately purchased at Amazon before they were banned.


Aside from now providing convenient access to what the Amazon Corporation officially ranks as the hundred most dangerous books in the history of the world, I’m also pleased to be able to resurrect the collected writings of a very prominent conservative writer and intellectual purged from National Review nearly thirty years ago, during the early stages of the Neocon takeover of the conservative movement.

Although the name of Joseph Sobran may be somewhat unfamiliar to younger conservatives, during the 1970s and 1980s he possibly ranked second only to founder William F. Buckley, Jr. in this influence in mainstream conservative circles, as partly suggested by the nearly 400 articles he published for NR during that period. By the late 1980s, he had grown increasingly concerned that growing Neocon influence would embroil America in future foreign wars, and his occasional sharp statements in that regard were branded “anti-Semitic” by his Neocon opponents, who eventually prevailed upon Buckley to purge him. The latter provided the particulars in a major section of his 1992 book-length essay In Search of Anti-Semitism.

Oddly enough, Sobran seems to have only very rarely discussed Jews, favorably or otherwise, across his decades of writing, but even just that handful of less than flattering mentions was apparently sufficient to draw their sustained destructive attacks on his career, and he eventually died in poverty in 2010 at the age of 64. Sobran had always been known for his literary wit, and his unfortunate ideological predicament eventually led him to coin the aphorism “An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews.”

Following his defenestration from National Review, he spent about a dozen years as a syndicated columnist, while providing a small monthly conservative newsletter called Sobran’s. I’m very pleased to have now made arrangements to republish his complete archives of that period, currently totaling just nearly 650 columns and a half-million words, but probably due to rise as additional writings are located and added.

The obvious similarities between between the purge of a leading conservative writer thirty years ago and the banning of various books from Amazon thirty days ago provides an intriguing glimpse in the underlying nature of American political life, and the forces that can shape its trajectory. Writers, authors, and other intellectuals constitute a minuscule fraction of our society, yet removing or muzzling just a few of these can have enormous influence upon the social and political directions eventually taken by our country.