January 19th

Bobby Lee was a son of war hero from the 1st American Revolution. His Father served under and was personal friends to George Washington.  He had two uncles who signed the Declaration of Independence and one those men was among the Virginians who drafted the Constitution.  He married the daughter of George Washington’s adopted son.   He was a career officer in the United States Army, recognized for his gallantry in the Mexican War. He was a Commandant of West Point and served on the Texas frontier. He was the commanding officer of U.S. Marine detail whom quashed an insurrectionist act of terror directed at his people and government.  He resigned his commission, and turned down a promotion to Commander of all U.S. armies when his native state sought to leave the Union which was no longer bound by the virtues of its founding. To think that John Brown a serial killer religious fanatic,   and Abraham Lincoln a railroad lawyer, lobbyist turned ambitious politician understood more about the core tenets of the American Constitution. The guiding principles of the original founders, their courage and personal sacrifice than that of Robert E. Lee is sheer ignorance or dangerous delusion.

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