More Contributions of Facts and Fiction Black History Month

  • The slave raiders of Africa consisted of North Africa Arabs and African tribes. Slavery in the Western Hemisphere could not have ever come to fruition without the cooperation of Africans enslaving Africans.
  • Alex Haley’s “Roots” was a combination of swiped passages and fiction. But facts don’t matter since slavery was not a myth. Therefore the faction as he described it stirred White guilt and pandering to shameless heights.
  • Kunta Kinte as real a person as Keyser Soze.
  • In the early 1990’s a Black Congressman would claim in a speech on the House floor that 200,000 million Africans were thrown into the Atlantic while being transported into slavery during the 17th and 18th Forever altering the oceans ecosystem with sharks still circling the slave ship routes. First and foremost if that had really happened there would not be any Blacks in Africa today. There is no scientific research supporting any change to the ecosystem and modern shark activity attributed to any known sailing routes. There is no historical record to support such a claim.   It didn’t happen, it was bad business.


  • Prior to the 1861-65 war segregation by law was only found in Northern and Western states.


  • President John Kennedy and his nepotistic Attorney General Bobby had the FBI wiretap Martin King’s calls, meeting and hotel rooms because of his ties to the American Communist party.


  • The electronic eaves dropping on King continued with LBJ as President. Johnson was quoted “If people knew what that Son of a Bitch did in the bedroom they wouldn’t think he was such a God Damn Saint”.


  • James Earl Ray was framed for the King assassination.


  • Cassis Clay aka Muhammed Ali would have never served in combat during the Vietnam War. He was offered the same duty as Joe Louis in World War II. Public relations tours and boxing exhibitions.
  • Hate crimes apply only to Whites
  • Martin Luther was not Mr. Kings legal Name.


  • The 1861-65 War was not over slavery.
  • Abraham Lincoln believed Blacks were inferior and unfit to live among Whites.

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