The City of Charlottesville, Virginia used to be known as the home city of Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s Founding Fathers who planted the evil seeds of racism and his seed in the enslaved Nubian Princess Sally Hemming. Not to mention one of the Founders of white supremacy, white hegemony, and White Castle hamburger restaurants.  Although the Hemming lie has been debunked, but never mind the facts.

Charlottesville gained notoriety two years ago when a peaceful protest supporting the renown statue of Robert E. Lee was interrupted by tiki-torch-bearing Stalinists who set about attacking and slurring everyone in sight. To rectify this situation, the town’s lowly city council voted last week to no longer celebrate Jefferson’s birthday (April 13) as a city holiday. If that wasn’t the bottom to their barrel, they will now celebrate March 3—the day that Union Centralist forces occupied Charlottesville in 1865 while destroying the South—as “Liberation and Freedom Day.”

For Virginia, there is no Jefferson, Washington, Santa Claus or anything white. Is there any way out of this cultural Marxist shit hole that doesn’t involve colonization of Mars?


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