Since the word “reparations” is derived from the word “repair” which basically means “to return to the state of affairs prior to the alleged damage would either involve one-way airline tickets back to a shit hole African country of their choice or a severe downgrade of Black Americans’ income and life expectancy, seeing as how they wouldn’t be living very long or making very much money in their alleged rich buxom homeland.  The Mammy Land didn’t even have the wheel until racist Europeans brought it to the dark continent.


Many black Americans see fit to get all teed up about the fact that they don’t make as much money as white Americans. Never mind that white Americans don’t make nearly as much money on average as Indians (dot not feather), Asians, and Jewish Americans.  Even though welfare payouts since the 1950s have exceeded 6 trillion dollars with Black Americans devouring the lions share until the South of the border beaner horde realized what they were missing out on. I would say by the most lavish estimates for how much imputed income supposedly “stolen” from them for picking cotton, that reparations have been made with interest. But there are those dark voices who insist there will not be justice until they all make at least as much money as white Americans do, and if justice doesn’t come, they just may have to burn cities and rape your daughters, and no one except lonely, guilted white women suffering from low self -esteem wants that to happen.

On June 19th, more on that mythical date later,  a nearly all-black panel with the lone exception being  reluctantly White,  filmmaker Katrina Browne who is apparently guilt-ridden that her ancestors traded slaves, Black ones too, but not so guilt-ridden that she seems willing to give any of her wealth away, because clearly this is someone else’s fault.  She attended a  joke of a Judiciary Committee hearing in D.C. to discuss “Resolution 40 acres and a mule”  a pro-reparations bill that would allocate $12 million to study exactly how to steal more money from White taxpayers in order to prevent Black people from rioting,  again.  Resolution 40 is named in honor of the rightfully failed post-Civil War promise to provide freed slaves with “40 acres and a mule.” A little-known fact is that the promise was not an empty one, rather some foresight Antifa Republicans realized the guerrilla war they dreaded and sought to avoid in the South would come to pass if they seized property from impoverished Southerners and redistributed to freed Blacks. Keep in mind only 6 percent of Southerners had owned slaves by 1861. Since there are no White Republicans with any guts none would attend and go on record opposing reparations, two token Negroes took up the fight before being given cookies and warm milk by their plantation owners.  Senator Cory Booker, a Black Democratic presidential candidate rumored homosexual proposed issuing “baby bonds” whereby $1,000 would be placed in a special account for every baby born in America, with additional deposits until they reach 18. Naturally, poor black children would receive larger deposits. Talk about a proposal if adopted that would relocate the entire population of Central America into Texas if its not already happening.


Texas Congresswoman Simian Jackson-Lee who mordaciously claimed that the US Constitution is 400 years old, Neil Armstrong planted a flag on Mars, and complained that hurricane names are too “Lilly White” added her two Lincoln pennies worth of brain cells by commenting that “the percentage of black children living in poverty is more than 150 percent.   Despite her incorrigible stupidity and savage ingratitude, Simian Jackson-Lee, no relation to Stonewall or Marsh Robert, has an estimated net worth of $1 to $3.5 million. I’m aghast how someone with no skills and a vast wealth of ignorance can come by real vast wealth. If there were ever a persuasive argument against reparations, it is that She- Jack is a millionaire, but she is not unique in that most of Colored Congressional Caucus is too.


Then reparations logic gets Gray, pun intended, when one considers another one of the other several hundred Democratic Presidential candidates, California Senator Kamala Harris. Kamala a Jamaican anchor baby who obviously has a few Whitey’s in the family wood pile who would be described as Mulatto on a 19th century Census form is the Great-Great Gran-Daughter, Hamilton Brown,  Brown was an  Irish born slave owner who owned several plantations in Jamaica during the early 1800’s. One can find the list of African slaves owned by Gramps Brown in the June 28 1817 registrar in the National archives of London, http://www.jamaicanfamilysearch.com/Members/slavereg.htm . Further Kamala’s own Father details the family slave history in an essay published on the “Jamaican Global Online” https://www.jamaicaglobalonline.com/kamala-harris-jamaican-heritage/.



It seems Hamilton Brown had no remorse about engaging in White slavery as well, particularly of his own people.  When the British banned slavery throughout the empire in 1834 Brown imported thousands of poor Irish to work the plantations and you can bet, he didn’t pay minimum wage either. The average Georgia field hand enjoyed a higher standard of living versus Hamilton Browns Irish migrants. I suppose Kamala Babe would pay reparations to herself, but don’t count on it.


Blacks already commit violent crimes 7 to 10 times the rate Whites do, so if we don’t hurry up and pay them whatever they demand, they may keep raping women and blaming it on slavery. A Black parolee was arrested and charged recently for a brutal rooftop rape in the Bronx of a 20-year-old White woman that he left with a broken nose, broken teeth, and vomiting blood. According to a witness, 23-year-old rape suspect Temar Bishop justified the rape thusly:

She was a white girl. She deserved it because us minorities have been through slavery.…This is what they used to do to us. This is what they did to us during slavery. They used to beat us and whip us.

No hate crime there, eh? Did anyone ever consider that maybe the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would not turn out very well?

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