The Reality is of no Consequence

On Sunday, December 30, 2018 in Houston Texas at around 6:50AM, a seven-year-old black girl named Jazmine, pronounced as Jasmon, Barnes was shot to death in the backseat of her mother’s car.

Her mother—who is named Laporsha Washington and allegedly has a rap sheet of felonies as long as her arm and her fifteen-year-old sister, Alexis Dilbert (note that all three of these black females managed to be part of the same “family” despite having three different surnames), told police that a white man in a red pickup truck was the killer. They conflicted in other over descriptive points, with Laporsha describing the killer as having a pot belly—which might have been hard to see from behind a pickup truck door, I’m just sayin’—and Alexis describing him as looking “sick and skinny.” Using her best broken English, Alexis was even more specific:

He was white and he had blue eyes, and that was it cause he had a hoodie on.

That’s quite an interesting seeing as how the shooting occurred a full half-hour before the sun rose in Houston on December 30. Little Alex-is may not have a highly developed vocabulary, but apparently nature gifted her with a keen sense of night vision that enabled her to see a driver’s blue eyes in the darkness. More like a gift for lying. What is surprising they did not claim the “Red Truck” was not emblazoned with Confederate symbols.

Black activists, horny as hell for ANY evidence to support their over wrought notion that blacks are imperiled in America by anyone besides other blacks, grabbed this story and ran with it like looter’s fleeing Walmart with a big-screen TV.

Writing for Salon, well sort of writing—which routinely uses the word “white” as if it were synonymous with “evil”—a black alleged academic named D. Watkins broke all known rules of journalism and unquestioningly accepted Washington and Dilbert’s narrative, apparently because it gave him yet another opportunity to shame and scold and demonize white America.

Usually when one is reporting a murder story that has not been adjudicated, common courtesy and established libel laws require one to toss in an “alleged” or “reportedly” or “according to,” but D. Watkins had an agenda that transcends journalistic truth. It doesn’t matter that Watkins was nowhere near the shooting—he pretended he knew not only exactly what happened but also why it happened:


Last Sunday morning, around 7 a.m., 30-year-old LaPorsha Washington sat in her car with a family group in a Walmart parking lot in Cloverleaf, Texas, a suburb of Houston. As she made her way to the exit, a white man, roughly 40 years old with a salt-and-pepper beard and wearing a red hoodie, drew a firearm and emptied rounds into her car….Barnes was being raised in the world where the current administration loves to paint Mexicans or Muslims as the bad guys. But it seems like every time a television is flicked on, there’s a new story about some disgruntled white man expressing rage by shooting at people. Sometimes they call him a loner or tormented soul in need of help — I say call them what they are, domestic terrorists.

Now listen here Bodacious—do we live in the same world? It seems like every time we are confronted with a racially hysterical news story, there is a manic rush to judge any imaginary white perpetrator as a Confederate flag waving hate-marinated psychopath who seeks to prevent black people from rising to their full potential that they amply demonstrate in places such as Haiti, Swaziland Jamaica and other Black paradises.


The Simeon looking Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee—famous for her stupidity, bigotry and publicity whoring behavior told a mob of hooting co-Negroes to rush to judgment while pumping their fists and chicken bobbing their heads.  “Do not be afraid to call this what it seems to be: a hate crime.”

Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins donated his upcoming paycheck to the Barnes family in their quest to find the evil killer. Based on his performance in the losing playoff game it should have been a small check.

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal offered to foot the bill for Jazmine’s funeral and in the end insert the big foot in his mouth. Drive by shooting can be profitable.

A Houston-based, bowtie-wearing black activist in a bad suit who calls himself Deric Muhammed (bet it isn’t his legal name) stood outside the Harris County Sheriff’s Office bellowing he believed the shooting was racially motivated. Of course, Deric, of course. The Harris County Sherriff didn’t dispute the false claims of racist common place while impishly conducting news conferences with the 800pound gorilla in the room looming just over his sloped shoulder, Sheila Jackson Lee.  Investigators had to know from the onset Washington and Dilbert were lying, yet they allowed the false narrative of skinny 40 something blue eyed White man in a Red Pickup was the shooter fester into the public discourse. No report of how many white men in red pickup trucks were pulled over and harassed.


Race baiting fake Black Shaun “Talcum X” King easily the dumbest person to be financed by both Harvard and the New York Post arranged with a bottom feeding lawyer to offer a $100,000 cash bounty for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the “evil coward…Whitey ” who shot and killed Jaz-mine Barnes.

Acting on a tip curiously given by none other than Talcum powder King police arrested 20-year-old Black man Eric Black, Jr. and charged him with capital murder. Black has reportedly confessed to the crime and said that it was a simple case of mistaken identity—he and his accomplice targeted the wrong vehicle. Black has allegedly fingered 24-yearold Black man Larry Woodruffe as the gunman. In a bitterly amusing twist, the news outlets updated their reports on the murder went out of their way not to identify Mr. Black as black—but his name gives it away.

Laporsha Washington told a news outlet that detectives had contacted her to announce they’d arrested two males in the murder of her chitlin and she added that “the gentlemen were black. ” Yes, she actually referred to the killers of her daughter as “gentlemen,” presumably because they are black. What isn’t being pursued nor reported that this episode was a drug deal gone bad.  After all normal early Sunday morning routine is to all pile into the crappy old Honda wearing their pajamas and park at the nearest Walmart.

So, Jazmine remains permanently dead, but many black bomb throwers and their white enablers are ignoring the fact that she was killed by another black person, just like over 90 percent of all black murder victims. They are hardly surprised and are very disappointed. Simeon Jackson Lee mangling the English language said while the crime was committed by “the other”, couldn’t bring herself to identify the real shooters as Black, that she was not sorry for crying Whitey. We must continue to address the real problem of hate crimes.

I was not surprised and smelled a rat from the onset. Apparently, there will be no consequences for Alxis and Laporsha for giving false statements. One could easily imagine legal ramifications if it were White women who made false allegations at a Black man. But all is well, Laporsha has several thousand of new dollars to buy plenty of mammy’s little helpers and several sets of Walmart PJ’s for Alexis. Miss Washington probably has the pussy shop working overtime and other little Jazmine will be on the way. With a different surname of course.

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