I May not be a Good American

I may not be a good American, nor Christian by contemporary standards.

I do not listen to rap, hip-hop, heavy metal music or most modern country. I know nothing of about the Grammies, Academy Awards, ESPYS or any of other tripe events promoting hatred of Whites and cultural decay in general. I think Meryl Streep has an over stated belief in her intelligence and is truly a rotten human being. Sophie’s Choice was a horrible movie.

I wouldn’t mind if the North Koreans nuked Hollywood. Seriously!

I believe ESPN is poison for American sports.

Professional athletes should participate in their sporting events without making unqualified political statements and gestures. They are overpaid for playing a sport most reasonably coordinated 10th graders could play and if it weren’t for sports they would probably be in prison or picking up garbage.

I don’t care what the rest of the world likes. Soccer is boring kickball and non-American.

San Francisco isn’t beautiful but is bleak, ugly, dirty, perverted, and alien and smells of urine. I have as much in common with residents of New York City, Boston and the entire West Coast as I do with people in Mogadishu.

In 2003 I liked the French and thought anyone who asked for “freedom fries” was an idiot.

I believe the Germans are emasculated wimps and should quit apologizing for Hitler and reassert their grand 19th century culture.

I don’t think there is very little difference between 1930’s German National Socialists or Russian Stalinists versus modern GOP and Democrat Party.

I do not own a smart phone or IPhone and I’m not on Tweeter.  I have never been to Aspen.

We have more than enough malls, superstores, and cookie cutter home developments not to mention golf courses that use up good farm land and water.

I resent perfectly able bodied people utilizing handicap parking spaces.  I’m annoyed by people who begin a sentence with you know. You Know.

I do not think equality and excellence in education are the same thing, as most Americans seem to believe.

I think Dr. Thomas Fleming and Dr. Clyde Wilson emeritus, are the best social commentators and moral philosophers in America today.

I think the best published works on American histrionics are coming from non-Academia.

I have known quite a few college professors, regents, deans, etc. In my experiences with a few exceptions none of them had any true interest in learning or teaching students who did not share their warped leftist views. There is no creature more intolerant than a leftist Academic.  Most have an ability to brown nose vain, clueless moneybags and politicians who are trustees. American education is nothing to be proud of—at any level. Its primary achievement, besides perpetuating Political Correctness which is cultural Marxism, is to alienate and demoralize intelligent students while promoting minorities beyond their capabilities.

I am convinced the American Public School system is beyond healing. Education majors and the Universities that spawned them are the malignant cancer, more so than the Department of Education.

I think all the other cable TV political pundits are hubris hypocrites who advocate for fighting multiple wars without end with the lives of other people’s children, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingram being the exceptions.  As far as I am concerned Walter Cronkite never was an honest man, much less “the most trusted man in America.” I don’t think William F. Buckley Jr. was all that brilliant, nor an actual conservative.  I have never prayed and never will at the altar of the false idol, Martin (Luther) King.  I think Oprah Winfrey is a bigot, but is a smart person who enriched herself by identifying and exploiting a large market of stupid White women. I think the founder of Starbucks followed the Oprah business model but expanded to stupid White men as well.

I have never considered the previous occupant of the executive mansion in the federal district was “my” president.   As much as liked Reagan I considered his Presidency a failed one beginning with the 1983 Lebanon intervention.

I agree with Murray Rothbard’s statement “The United States and the Soviet Union two sides of a counterfeit coin”.

I don’t accept the relentless narrative the Russian’s are a threatening enemy.

I don’t think Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. However, it would be a lot less of a problem if they were over there instead of over here. And if we were over here instead of over there. I prefer the days when there were so few Moslems there were no mosques and they prayed in their crappy apartment living rooms. I believe the Syrian refugees are not refugees, but economic migrants looking for an unfettered ride on the European and American Welfare trains.

I do not think in the history of mankind, emphasis on man, that there was a people like American White Christians who willfully embraced cultural, religious and national extinction.

I think anyone who claims Abraham Lincoln was a constitutionalist, freed the slaves and saved the Union are devoid of factual research.  Even more anyone who believes Spielberg’s movie “Lincoln” is accurate is incapable of original thought and doesn’t belong in intellectual discussions on the subject.

I am not glad that the U.S. government under the Republican Party succeeded in its brutal, fascistic war of conquest of the Southern people.  I believe the present world is worse for their destruction.

I did not cry when I was told that John F. Kennedy had been assassinated.  I was proudly defiant when forced to sit on the steps during recess because I did not show the proper remorse according to the demented Papist Nuns. I never thought that Jacqueline Kennedy was attractive or gracious. I am glad the son, John boy, plunged into sea before he could be elevated by the elites to rule over us.

I do feel sorrow thousands of young men whose lives ended before they had hardly begun for the lies about WMD. Not for nothing but for less than nothing. I believe a society that sends women to war is a poor one, and nourishes the seeds of its own destruction.

I reviewed the demographics of the American dead in the Babylonian expeditions. There are very few who come from the portion of the Union north and west of Pennsylvania.  Maybe one or two were from Maine.

I admire the brave men of the 1920’s Irish Republican Army (IRA).

I don’t think Boston is the center in American history unless one wants to know the origins of African slavery in North America.  Quite the contrary. My favorite Presidents are Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler and Franklin Pierce. I am certain beyond any doubt that the domestic slavery of antebellum America was far from being one of the worst crimes in mankind’s sad history or even the worst crime in American history. I am equally certain “expert” pronouncements, antebellum Southern slavery is the cause of social pathologies in Black America today, is pure crap and an excuse for Black failure.

I know Men and Women are different and certainly not equal. People claiming gender identity conflicts are mentally ill. In the case of children they are victims of unfit parents.

I am certain all true Feminists are angry bitter women who were unable to attract or keep a good man.

I don’t believe in hiring preferences for any group including former military.

I believe in the natural right to associate or not with whomever I choose for any reason.

I believe the 16th Amendment, 18th Amendment, 1964 Civil Rights Act, the 1965 Voters Rights Act, 1975 Title IX Act and Americans with Disabilities Act were and are the greatest calamitous acts of the 20th Century.

I do not think Americans are uniquely virtuous and enjoy the special favor of God. I do not believe in American Exceptionalism is exceptional. Quite the contrary it’s a phony term to justify despotism abroad and oppression at home.

I do not place my hand over my heart and say the pledge written by a defrocked Baptist Minister, turned atheist and radical communist. I don’t believe Nationalism has any place in Church.

I have no doubt my daughter in her lifetime will witness the partition of the United States.

I fear I am a bad American. Maybe I am not a bad American but no American at all.


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