Curse of the Old Bag: Some may find this hard to believe but over the past few years I have ruffled a few Facebook feathers. One such person a Cleveland Ohio strip mall minister who ordained himself a leader of some undefined neo-conservative movement. Most of his followers are incapable of original thought and regurgitate rubbish they believe to be factual Americana histrionics to support their shallow views. Prior to the Trump trounce of Mrs. Clinton the indignant Deacon was quite active on social media posting his comments in support of President Trump. Just days before the election the pious Pastor posted a photo of Susan B. Anthony(SBA) taking exception to the Clinton Campaign plan to celebrate their impending election victory at the Susan B. Anthony Center in New York City. He went on to praise Ms. Anthony as a deity of morality. He got his robes in a wad over my comment to his post “there was a reason the Founding Fathers allowed only White men of property to vote”. He invited me to self-censor while a litany of idiots carped about SBA’s pious abolitionists views, Women’s suffrage leadership and the 1960’s civil rights legislation, unconstitutional it is, not sure how the latter had anything to do with it. Dreadful hall mark beliefs of race pandering Republicans. The Padre responded that my misogynist comment did nothing to help the movement, whatever that is, and he would take one SBA over ten racist intolerant White men. Well, according to this so called Christian soldier the Founders were intolerant racists unworthy of his respect. I of course was a woman hater for not believing in the so called redeeming values of SBA, and a bigot to boot for being critical of abolition and civil rights. I of course declined to remove my comment nor apologize. I abstained from further communication but rather enjoyed the cyber hand grenade I had rolled into their midst based on the continuous rants in the following days. If this putz of a preacher knew anything at all of SBA he would realize she would be more than honored to have HRC’s post-election victory frolic in a structure bearing her name sake. Just one look at Anthony’s image one cannot miss the Clinton like hubris, contemptuous, bitter scowl. Both are eerily similar in background and Progressive beliefs. They spent their lives trying to force their demented policies on Americana, while advocating for the destruction of those who resisted. B. Anthony was born to an upper crust Quaker Massachusetts family rife with hypocrisy. Her Father an avowed abolitionist profited from slavery for a time operating his own cotton factory. He would later move his family to New York state and open an even large cotton mill. Two of her brothers would travel to Kansas and join with the terrorist and serial killer John Brown in his murderous campaign. Like modern Republicans who voted to repeal Obama Care with the intent of repeal never actually coming to fruition Anthony preached for immediate emancipation and integration of the “Colored people” into White society believing she would not ever have to share a side walk with a Black person. Her pandering for Black’s stopped with the Irish immigrants in the North East United States and was replaced with distain. Yet strangely, or perhaps not Miss Anthony never spoke of or outed the institutions and corporations of her native New England and New York state who participated and profited from the maritime African slave trade right to the outbreak of the 1861 war. She epitomized the Northern Nationalism that was a supremacist doctrine conjured in New England. In the 1840’s she would meet and team up with equally ascetically challenged, sexually frustrated Elizabeth Cady Stanton to spawn the Suffrage movement demanding voting rights for Women. A right to which an Illinois railroad corporate attorney turning ambitious politician would oppose his entire career. It was these very hateful females the Founders desired to prevent from wielding any influence at the ballot box. Her wrath was not limited just to the South, males in general were her target. While carping about females right to vote she campaigned to remove the right of any adult male to drink alcohol. She and her ilk would find one of the most destructive movements to American society, the Women’s Temperance Movement. Anthony and Stanton both atheists would cunningly ally themselves with various Women Christian movements to form the core of the putsch. Anthony would expire 18 years before the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment giving women voting rights, but her legacy was enshrined in the 18th Amendment which forced prohibition on the entire nation. A legacy of fermenting national organized crime, morphing into the even more violent modern international drug cartels. Scar Face owed her a debt of gratitude. Way to go Suzie, you and Hillary cut from the same pant suit fabric.

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